A Guide to SafeRacks Overhead Garage Storage Solutions

A Guide to SafeRacks Overhead Garage Storage Solutions

Overhead garage storage units are one of the most popular storage systems. It’s widely used specifically by those with limited floor space in their garages. With overhead storage, you can take advantage of the unutilized space in your garage ceiling. If you’re looking for units, the SafeRacks overhead garage storage is one of your best options. 

Find out more about SafeRacks and their overhead storage units. Discover why these are some of the top products available and determine which models to pick from. This article will also discuss tips on choosing the right storage rack for your needs and installing one in your garage. Learn everything you need to know about SafeRacks overhead storage with this article. 


Why Trust SafeRacks for Your Garage Storage Solutions?

SafeRacks is one of the most trusted garage storage solutions brands, especially in America. They design and produce durable storage solutions in a way that you can make your home and garage more usable. Their products are known for high-quality and durable storage solutions. Additionally, they come with a lifetime warranty to ensure your satisfaction.


Types of SafeRacks Overhead Garage Storage Units

The overhead storage units from SafeRacks come in different models. These models are designed with various sizes and load capacities. But they all boast two specific features: heavy-duty construction and adjustable height. Based on their max weight capacity, here are the seven types or models of SafeRacks overhead storage racks you can choose from: 

Remember that a wood-framed structure anchors statically loaded storage racks. This forms the basis for these weight limits. Once installed, the weakest point in this storage system would be the frame of your house. This means that, depending on the frame and structure of your house, you can enjoy these maximum weight capacities.

Alternatively, you may opt for a much lower capacity to avoid potential damage. That’s why read the safety label on the rack and avoid overloading it. 


How to Choose the Perfect SafeRacks Overhead Storage Rack

When choosing the right overhead storage rack to purchase, here are some factors and tips to consider: 

Determine How Many Items You Need to Store Overhead

You need to identify your needs first before going through your storage options. The best items to store using overhead storage solutions, like holiday decorations, are those you rarely use. Determine how many of those items you have so you can gauge how heavy you need to store over your head. 

Choose the Right Size and Weight Capacity

With the estimation of how heavy the items you need to store would be, start checking your options' sizes and weight capacities. Choose one with enough or more than enough weight capacity to support your items safely. In terms of the size, check what size would fit in your available ceiling space. 

What size would allow you to install it on your ceiling’s frame and structure properly? 

Double-check whether the size can hold your items without stuffing everything in. This way, you can avoid any risks of overloading the rack and causing it to fall. 

Check the Adjustable Height Range

SafeRacks overhead racks are all adjustable in terms of height. However, these height ranges vary in terms of drop length. The first thing to do to identify the right drop length you can use in your garage is to measure the overhead space inside the garage. 

How much space do you have from the top of your head up to the ceiling? 

This would be your basis for how low the allowable drop length should be. Remember, you must not occupy all your overhead vertical space. You don’t want your head reaching or touching the bottom of the rack even when it’s in its highest position. But you also want one that you can adjust to a length that would be easy to reach and access your items. 

For your reference, there are three main customizable drop lengths you can choose from: 

  • 12” to 21” drop
  • 18” to 33” drop
  • 24” to 45” drop

Pick a Color

SafeRacks overhead racks also come in two main colors: white and hammertone. Consider your preference when choosing between the two. You can also consider the color of the other storage systems you use. This way, you can have a more comprehensive and organized look in the garage. 

Another thing to consider is how noticeable dust and dirt would be. For instance, you can spot dust in white, unlike in hammertone, which is in a shade of black. 

Decide on Your Budget

To avoid overspending, plan your budget for the overhead rack. Depending on the size of your preferred model, SafeRacks products can cost between $120 to $600—the larger the size, the higher the cost. Having a budget would allow you to narrow your options, especially if the size isn’t your top priority. 


Installation Tips for Your SafeRacks Overhead Storage Unit

If you want to install your overhead storage yourself, here are some tips to remember for a safe and proper installation: 

  • Check if your package comes with all the necessary installation hardware.
  • Find the right ceiling location for your rack. So it won’t obstruct nearby objects like overhead lights, cars, and doors. 
  • Install the rack's ceiling brackets perpendicularly, as SafeRacks recommends. 
  • If your ceiling joists are too far apart, you can parallelly install the brackets along one joist. 

For a more detailed discussion, refer to this installation guide from SafeRacks. 



SafeRacks overhead garage storage units are one of the market's most heavy-duty and reliable overhead storage solutions. High-quality materials make them, and they comply with the standards. You can also get them in your preferred size, height, and color to match your garage look.

If you want to check the models, visit our SafeRacks overhead storage rack collection. We offer these racks in a variety of options for the best prices!