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MaxJax M7K | 2 Post Car Lift


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The Patented One-of-a-Kind MaxJax® Portable Car Lift Safety Features from the Ground Up

  • No one in the industry has a more sophisticated and comprehensive research and quality control program than MaxJax, and our thousands of customers worldwide prove it.
  • Low-pressure HVLP Direct-Drive cylinders eliminate the need for lifting chains or screw mechanisms most commonly found on other lift designs.
  • Hydraulic cylinders feature integrated velocity-fuse safety valves.
  • A robust, gear-type flow divider precisely distributes hydraulic pressure providing consistent, equalized lifting.
  • Rugged safety lock bars are capable of holding three-times the rated lifting capacity.
  • Arm restraints automatically engage each time the lift is raised.
  • Detailed installation, maintenance and safety instructions accompany each MaxJax car lift.
  • MaxJax encourages all owners to know their equipment and to follow good safety practices when using any of our products. Your MaxJax car lift equipment has been designed and built with your safety in mind, but the ultimate responsibility for safe operation is with you, the operator.

Perfect for ADAS

Newer vehicles are constantly becoming more and more advanced. They’re also becoming more complicated to service with all their new upgrades. ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) includes handy features such as forward collision warning (FCW), lane departure warning (LDW), automatic emergency braking (AEB), and more. When performing ADAS calibration you’re telling sensors where to look, and with the complex nature of the systems, you’re going to want to make sure to have as precise readings as possible. To perform these calibrations, you’ll need plenty of space around the vehicle and you’ll need it to be perfectly level, and that’s where the MaxJax M7K comes in. Since it’s portable, you can simply position it in an optimal area to make sure you have plenty of unobstructed space. Some will perform calibrations while the vehicle remains between a two-post lift, but sometimes the posts could get in the way of the sensors. With MaxJax, you retain a larger floorspace.

Pop-Up Bay Ready
You never want to lose out on business due to not having enough space. Take advantage of the portability offered with the MaxJax and you’ll be able to create pop-up bays on demand. You can virtually double your work area when you need to. Unlike standard two-post lifts, you can easily set your MaxJax aside when you don’t need the extra space.

MaxJax is protected by one or more patents or claims of patents in the U.S. and elsewhere. This is provided to satisfy the virtual patent marking provisions of various jurisdictions, including the virtual patent marking provisions of the America Invents Act, as codified in 35 U.S.C. § 287(a).

PATENT NO. US 8.256.577 B2 and PATENT NO. US 9.150.395 B2

Benefits of the MaxJax

An impressive lifting capacity is just the start of what sets the M7K apart from the competition. Its extensive list of features is there to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. Every MaxJax unit is loaded with the right features that make it the best choice when looking for a new car lift. Read through to check out everything this car lift has to offer, and you’ll easily come to the conclusion that the MaxJax is the real deal.

Clear undercar access

Want under-car clearance without having to rely on a permanent installation? That’s where MaxJax comes in! No other low-rise or mid-rise lift system provides more under-car clearance and unobstructed floor space than the MaxJax lifting system. Now you can easily access engine undersides as well as critical components like transmissions, drive-shafts, starters, differentials, or anything else that would require under-car access.

A two-post car lift with built-in wheels that allows you to use the lift when you need it, then conveniently store it out of the way when not in use keeping your garage and vehicle lanes clutter-free.

Stow to go in less than 15-minutes
Internally threaded recessed drop-in anchors and quick-connect/disconnect hydraulic couplers provide for fast and simple set-up. NOTICE: Before drilling into post-tension garage floors, always consult a building engineer for determining cable locations and where to avoid drilling.

Works like magic
A robust, gear-type flow divider is the heart of the MaxJax system, providing consistent, equalized lifting. The specially designed flow divider/combiner is a positive-displacement fluid control device which allows precise distribution of hydraulic power to both columns even if load balance or pressures change.

Mobile power unit cart
The great thing about our standard mobile power unit cart is that it’s small enough to be stored out of the way and it features a storage area for the hydraulic hoses. The hydraulic power unit uses a single-phase motor that requires 110-volts AC and a 23-amp breaker. The industrial grade power cord is 6-ft. long. A simple push-button switch raises the lift, and a push lever controls the lowering. Simple quick-disconnect hoses can be positioned easily for single or dual column operation.

Adjustable lifting arms and stackable adapters
Increases overall arm positioning for lifting a variety of different vehicles that have Uni-body construction, OEM recommended pick-up points, or wide and/or narrow frame configurations. Every MaxJax order includes four (4) medium height adapters and four (4) stackable standard lift pad adapters.

Low-profile arms
Fit under the lowest compact and sport vehicles or custom motorcycles with lowered frames.

Automatic arm restraints
Each arm is equipped with durable arm restraints that automatically engage each time the lift is raised. When the lift is lowered, the gear type arm restraints automatically disengage to provide easy positioning of the lift arms.

Maintenance-free slide blocks
Rather than using roller bearings that need constant lubrication and maintenance, we use futuristic full-floating UHMW ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene load bearings that never need lubrication and last virtually the life of the lift.

Single-piece columns
We purposely manufacture the columns using single-piece construction for added strength and less fatigue under heavy load conditions.

Direct-Drive technology
By utilizing two low-pressure HVLP Direct-Drive cylinders, we've eliminated the need for lifting chains or screw mechanisms most commonly found on other lift designs. HVLP Direct-Drive technology offers better reliability, smoother operation and less maintenance.

Industrial-grade hydraulic cylinders
Integrated into every MaxJax® hydraulic cylinder is a one-piece, pilot fitted, machined steel piston wrapped with specially designed, pressure loaded U-cup piston seals, backups and wear bands that virtually eliminates any fluid bypass. The micro-smooth chrome-rod is machined from high yield, ground and polished C-1045/50 micro-alloy steel and plated to a minimum of .001" diametrically, to ensure superior cylinder operation and life.

Two lifts in one
Our optional motorcycle adapter kit allows you to safely lift motorcycles, ATV's or other motorized vehicles to a comfortable working height.

Lifting Capacity: 7,000 lbs. (3,175 kg)

Max Load Per Arm: 1,750 lbs. (794 kg)

A Height Overall: 89.5" (2,273 mm)

B Height of Column: 64" (1,626 mm)

C Min. Pad Height: 5.5" (139.7 mm)

D Max Lift Height (Pad Only): 47.25" (1200.15 mm)

E Max Lift Height (With 3" Adapter): 50.5" (1,283 mm)

F Arm Reach (Min - Max): 26" - 40" (660 mm - 1,016 mm)

G Typical Width (Outside of Base Plate): 105" - 135" (2,667 mm - 3,429 mm)

H Drive-thru clearance: 74" - 104" (1,880 mm - 2,642 mm)

Locking Positions: 7 (every 3")

Motor: VAC / 50-60 Hz. / 1 Ph. / 15 Amps

Time of full Rise: 45-seconds

Individual Column Weight: 300 lbs. (136 kg)

Shipping Weight (Standard Model): 980 lbs. (444 kg)

Shipping Dimensions (Standard Model): 68" x 39" x 35" (1,727 mm x 990.6 mm x 889 mm)

Baseplate dimensions*
A 371 mm (14.5")

B 330 mm (13")

C 150 mm (6")

D 24 mm (1")

E 165.5 mm (6.5")

F 20 mm (0.75")

G 20 mm (0.75")

*For reference purposes only.


What You’ll Need to Check to Install Your MaxJax:

  • Concrete Slab Thickness (4.25” or more)
  • Concrete-MaxJax Indoor Installation Only
  • Concrete-No More Than 3-degree Slope
  • Concrete-Compressive Strength 3,000 psi or Greater
  • MaxJax Lift Location
  • Overhead Clearance, Approach Clearance, and Obstructions
  • Concrete Condition (no significant cracks or defects, especially under lift pillars)
  • Traditional Slab or Post-Tension Cable Slab type verified
  • Note-MaxJax hold-down bolts/anchors require 90 ft-lb tightening torque

MaxJax's Concrete Information 101

Start at the Bottom
For a proper lift installation, begin by evaluating your concrete area and its existing specifications. This begins by inspecting your concrete slab to make sure it’s an adequate 4.25” thickness or more, has cured at least 28 days, and the surface has no more than a 3-degree slope. For a MaxJax installation, the slab should have at least a 3,000 psi Comprehensive Strength.

Working Under Pressure
The surface condition of the concrete is also important. You do not want to install a lift on cracked or defective concrete. The anchor bolts (torqued to 90 lb.-ft.) used to secure the MaxJax in place on the concrete must be at least 6 to 12 inches from significant floor cracks, and/or away from a wall. Note too that a MaxJax lift can only be installed on suitable concrete, not asphalt.

Although many general construction slabs are at least 3,000 psi, your local concrete company should be able to assist you in determining your concrete’s psi strength if you’re skeptical. PSI (Pounds per square inch) such as 3,000 psi is a measure of compressive strength, or the ability of the material to carry loads and handle compression. A higher psi number means a given concrete mixture is stronger, so it is usually more expensive. But these stronger concretes are also more durable, meaning they last longer.

If needed, compressive strength ratings can be tested by breaking cylindrical concrete specimens in a special machine designed to measure psi. For more info, check with your local concrete company.

Two Types of Concrete Slabs
You’ll also want to determine if your slab is a “traditional concrete” slab or a “post-tension cable” concrete slab. Either type will work well, but different concrete drilling procedures are applicable. This is significant because if anchors are not installed in proper locations, drilling into a post-tensioned cable slab can be severely hazardous to property and the installer if a hidden cable is cut and releases. If it is determined that you have a traditional concrete slab, you can continue on with the regular install and drilling as noted. If it is determined that you have a post-tensioned cable slab, you have good company as these are used in many areas. You simply need to gain some particular information about your slab first before learning where to specifically drill.

What is a Post-Tension Concrete Slab?
Yes, post-tension cable slabs are often used in residential construction. Since post-tension cable slabs have been in use since the early 1950’s, there is the possibility that many residential homes could have this system in place. Post-tension cable slabs are sometimes used in areas where the climate is especially dry, causing the soil to contract and form crevices, thus leaving voids under the foundation. To counter this, a post-tension system works to provide rigidity to the concrete so that it can maintain its structural integrity through many weather changes and permanently stay in place above sometimes changing soil voids.

A post-tension concrete slab is engineered with a steel cable network that runs below the concrete’s surface to add strength. During original construction and before the concrete is poured, a tension cable system is laced into a grid across the sub-surface and the ends mechanically tightened at a specific time while new concrete is setting up. With the concrete in place over the cables, the post-tension system teamed with the cured concrete slab is much stronger than concrete without reinforcement. This also helps reduce or minimize future cracking.

How to Determine if Your Slab is a Post-Tension Cable
Most homes that have been constructed with post-tension slab systems have an identification that is stamped into the concrete garage floor. These identifications are typically near the edge of the garage door in plain view. To determine if you have a post-tension cable system, there may be easy-to-find visual clues. Older homes that have post-tension slabs may have a plastic or paper sign fastened to the wall. These are often placed next to a door that goes from the garage into the house. Evidence of a post-tension slab may be found by inspecting the perimeter of the home, looking for small circle type areas about 1 1/2″ to 3″ wide that have been patched outside of the slab area. These circles are usually about 2 to 4 feet apart. They indicate the end of the post-tension cables and may not be easily visible because landscaping or the patching and painting of the cone shaped voids covers them.

There may also be slabs where there are no visible signs on the wall or stamped into the concrete floor. So another source of information may be the builder or local building department. They may review the building plans and advise if the structure has a post-tension cable slab, its thickness and location of the cables. If you’re still not sure if the slab has a post-tensioned cable system, most cities have Post-Tension Cable locator services that can inspect existing concrete, often with ground penetrating radar. But again, if there is a post-tension cable slab, a MaxJax can still be installed. Just make sure that the underground cables are mapped out by a professional or with original building plans to determine location and avoided while drilling down in the concrete. If colored sheath comes up during drilling, stop drilling immediately as you’re possibly accidently drilling into cable.

Ready for Lift Off
Once you have determined what type of slab is present, a test hole (if needed) can be drilled in an inconspicuous and safe area to determine the depth of the concrete. To keep the test hole as inconspicuous as possible, consider drilling just a ¼” hole and then using a stiff wire to measure the depth.
Before proceeding with the MaxJax install, double check location and measurements, make certain that the base plates of each column are aligned with the chalk/crayon lines. FOLLOW PROCEEDURE EXACTLY FOR PROPER FITTING AND ALIGNMENT OF ANCHORS.

MaxJax Lifts are supplied with installation instructions and concrete anchors that meet the criteria set by the American National Standard “Automotive Lifts. Using the Base Plates as guides, drill each hole 5” deep using a “rotary hammer drill” with a 7/8" concrete bit. Avoid drilling all the way through the concrete.

Remember to remove as much concrete dust as possible from the hole and the area after drilling. This can be accomplished with either compressed air or a shop vacuum. This is so the concrete anchors are able to grip the concrete hole as they are being torqued to 90 lb.-ft.

Standard Warranty

Duration: From the date of purchase by the original Purchaser or 12 months from the date of shipment or whichever comes first.

  • Three-Years (36-Months) Warranty on equipment structure*
  • Two Years (24-Months) Warranty on the hydraulic cylinder(s)
  • One-Year (12-Month) Warranty on operating components
  • One-Year (12-Month) Free Shipping** on ground-freight charges related to warranty performance

Limited Warranty

  1. Who gives this warranty (Warrantor): MaxJax, 5240 Willis Road, Theodore, AL 36582 USA
  2. Who receives this warranty (Purchaser): The original Purchaser (other than for purpose of resale)
  3. What products are covered by this warranty: MaxJax portable lift system
  4. What is covered under this warranty: manufacturer defects due to material and/or workmanship with the exceptions noted below.
  5. What is not covered under this warranty:
    1. The cost of labor to make repairs or replacements
    2. Any failure that results from Purchaser’s abuse, neglect or failure to operate, maintain or service product in accordance with instructions provided in the owner’s manual(s) supplied
    3. Any damage caused by using equipment beyond rated capacity and/or capability
    4. Items or service normally required to maintain the product, i.e. lubricants, oil, etc.
    5. Items considered general wear parts such as rubber or plastic pads/protectors, worn casters/wheels, etc. unless wear or failure is a direct result of manufacturer defect due to material and/or workmanship
    6. Any component damaged in shipment or any failure caused by installing or operating equipment under conditions not in accordance with installation and operation guidelines or damaged by contact with tools or surroundings
    7. Any component failure caused by rain, excessive humidity, corrosive environments or other contaminants
    8. Rusted components due to improper maintenance or corrosive environments
    9. Cosmetic defects that do not interfere with product functionality
    10. Damage due to incorrect voltage or improper wiring
    11. Any incidental, indirect, or consequential loss, damage, or expense that may result from any defect, failure, or malfunction of a MaxJax product
    12. All electrical components are guaranteed for one year (12 months) against defects in workmanship and/or materials when the lift is installed and used according to specifications
  6. Responsibilities of Warrantor under this warranty: Repair or replace with either new or reconditioned unit at Warrantor’s option, component and/or unit which is defective, has malfunctioned and/or failed to conform within duration of the warranty period.
  7. Responsibilities of Purchaser under this warranty:
    1. Provide dated proof of purchase and maintenance records
    2. In some cases, components may be required to be shipped to the nearest MaxJax Authorized Service Center. Freight costs, after 12 months, must be borne by the Purchaser.
    3. Use reasonable care in the operation and maintenance of the products as described in the owner’s manual(s).
  8. When Warrantor will perform repair or replacement under this warranty: Repair or replacement will be scheduled and serviced according to the normal work flow at the servicing location, and depending on the availability of replacement parts.

*Equipment structure is defined as any non-moving permanently affixed frame or main body, or sub-structures that are non-moving and permanently affixed or attached to any main equipment structure or frame.

**Free-shipping applies to direct shipping points within the 48 contiguous United States. Rural area shipping surcharge may apply for remote addresses.

Limitation of Liability

MaxJax shall have no obligation pursuant to this Warranty with respect to products which in our sole judgment have been altered damaged, misused, abused, badly worn, lost or improperly maintained. This Warranty is null and void if the customer or any other person other than an authorized representative of MaxJax has made any attempt to service or modify the tool prior to its return to MaxJax under this Warranty. In no event will either party be liable for any damage caused by the other party's failure to fulfill its responsibilities under these terms and conditions. In no event will either party be liable for any lost profits, lost savings, incidental damage, or other economic consequential damages MaxJax products are provided and sold as is without any express or implied warranties including warranties of merchantability or fitness for particular purpose. No warranties, expressed or implied, will apply after this period. MaxJax may modify these terms and conditions at any time by either providing the customer with written notice or posting such revised terms on Such revised terms shall be effective thirty days from the date of such written notice or posting.

Returns and Exchange Policy

Our limited return and exchange policy allows you to return defective or incorrect merchandise for a full or partial credit of your order. All returned merchandise requires authorization. Contact our service representatives first for shipping instructions and to obtain a return authorization number. Credit will not be issued unless authorization to return merchandise has been received.

For all merchandise returned to BendPak / Ranger / MaxJax / QuickJack / Cool Boss for reasons other than warranty, a 20% restocking fee and round-trip shipping costs will be deducted front the credit refund. All returned items must be in new condition, in their original box or crating and must include all packing material, manuals and all accessories. 

Items Not Eligible for Returns, Credits or Exchanges

  • Returned items that failed due to an accident, purchaser’s abuse, neglect or failure to operate in accordance with instructions provided in the owner’s manual(s) supplied.
  • Returned items that failed due to incorrect voltage or improper wiring.
  • Returned items that failed due to rain, excessive humidity, corrosive environments or other contaminants.
  • Any item damaged in shipment or any product failure caused by installing or operating product under conditions not in accordance with installation and operation guidelines or damaged by contact with tools or surroundings.
  • Returned items with cosmetic defects that do not interfere with product functionality.
  • Returned items with no accompanying RMA number and completed RMA form.
  • Returned items that are incomplete or defaced.
  • Any consumable or standard wear items.
  • Returned items with a different serial number from what was authorized for return.
  • Returned items that do not include your original receipt, invoice or sales order.
  • Returned items that were special ordered or custom configured.

Freight damaged items

If your shipment arrives damaged you must note the damage on the carrier's delivery record in accordance with the carrier's policy, save the merchandise in the original box and packing it arrived in, and arrange for a carrier inspection of damaged merchandise.

How to Return Products

Please contact us within 14 days of your original shipment or warranty exchange for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number before returning your product.

For faster service, please have the following information on hand when calling for an RMA number: customer name, order or invoice number, item (SKU) number and serial number (if exists) and the reason for the return. In addition to the RMA number, a completed RMA form must accompany each shipment of returned merchandise.

  • No returns of any type will be accepted without an RMA number and completed RMA form.
  • Returned items must be shipped via ground service only - do not return items by air unless authorized in writing.
  • For warranty related exchanges and/or returns, we will work with you to arrange to have the item(s) returned via a BendPak preferred carrier freight collect.
  • Products returned C.O.D. will be refused. Unauthorized freight collect charges will be denied.
  • Once an item arrives at BendPak / Ranger / MaxJax / QuickJack / Cool Boss, we will issue a full or partial credit, exchange or refund within 15 days.
  • Additional time may be required depending on the nature of the return.

Returns must be made within 15 days of the Return Authorization being provided.

Any incurred costs associated with damaged merchandise will be deducted from credits owed. Ace Garage Storage and BendPak / Ranger / MaxJax / QuickJack / Cool Boss are not responsible for merchandise damaged in return shipment. We strongly recommend you package the items carefully to ensure safe passage. For non-warranty items, we suggest you fully insure your return shipment in case of loss or damage.

We work very hard to ensure that we offer the absolute best prices online.  If you find another online store that offers a lower price then us within six months of your purchase date please let us know and we will refund your original payment for the difference.  We want you to feel confident that you are getting the absolute best price for the product you are ordering.  If you find that our own website has a lower price for the same item you have ordered within six months of your purchase date will refund the difference as well.

To request your partial refund simply e-mail us a link to the same product on our website, or on our competitors website within six months from the date of your order and we will process the credit accordingly.

Our 100% Price Guarantee has some limitations:

  • You must purchase the item from our website before requesting your Price Match Guarantee
  • Promotions such as rebates and buy one, get one free offers are not eligible
  • The item must be in stock on the competitors website
  • The competitor must be an online store, they may not have a retail location
  • The website can not be a discounter or auction website (ie; eBay, overstock, etc..)
  • The competitor must be an Authorized Retailer of the product in question
  • The Price Match Guarantee includes the item price, including any discounts, and the shipping charges. It excludes sales tax.
  • Saferacks and Mesa Safe products are excluded and will not be price matched.

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