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Garage storage

Great alternative to a storage unit.

Love the lift

Love the lift. It wasn’t too hard to install. Adjusting the motors was the hardest part. But if you listen to the installation video section on adjusting the motors several times and follow the exact procedures, it will work as advertised. Watch the part where the 2 green lights and 2 red lights are discussed, take notes and follow them, it does work. Don’t try to adjust them on your own, follow the instructions. I figured this out over a 2 day period, hardhead! It works great!!!! I’m 76 years old, installed it myself over several days, now that I’ve done it, could be installed in less than a day. Your first install will take longer.

Auxx Attic Lift
Susan Bettenhausen
Garage lift

We are very happy with the garage lift. It has answered all of our needs for storage in our garage attic

Love this system

Love this !!

I just purchased and installed a garage storage lift (4 by 8) from your company.
I have a disability and can't climb ladders so the motorized lift is a perfect solution for storing my bikes and totes. I have been using it and really an impressed with how well it is constructed. I would highly recommend this product. The sales person, Eric, was responsive and very helpful in the process. Thanks! Steve Vitto

Great space saver

Love being able to get totes of decorations off the garage floor.

Truck Top Lifter

Truck Top Lifter

Great product!

Easy to install and well built.

Well made lifter

Takes a while to install, but worth it. Parts are solidly made with low tolerances. Bluetooth system is responsive and works well. Would appreciate if the power cables were more easily routed or modifiable in length to hide them better in the reals.

Best solution for getting older and keeping my bikes

With 11 ft ceilings in my garage, this was a great solution for two heavy electric assist bikes as well as my other bikes. Getting older means I have less strength, but with the ease of the lift motors I dont worry about my strength and get to enjoy my bike riding without worrying about how to store bikes in a small garage.

Easy to pair and customer support took good care of me.

Very easy to set up and pair. The customer support was great!

Great product

Product shipped and arrived quickly. Great product and highly recommend for car top tents

Great product! Needs internet.

It is a great product the only problem you must have internet for the first time that is not mentioned.

All arrived as promised....

All arrived as promised. Had a guy do install for me. (Was high ceiling RV bay requiring a lot of ladder work). I can send reference for him - he did a masterful job. All parts were neatly packaged. Instructions were clear. App for phone was really easy to set up. Would be nice if there was a remote as well. My concern is that if I change phones I will likely need a ladder to sync each of the winches.

Garage Storage Lift 400 lbs w/ Remote - Auxx-Lift 1400

Easy installation and handles

Easy installation and handles my fishing kayak with a touch of a button. Made my life so much easier for storing while not out fishing. Bought a second one for all my bulky garage storage.

Great product for solving storage problem with limited garage footprint

I started off by purchasing 1 Universal XL Lifter for a kayak. I have since purchased 2 more for storing 2x kayaks on separate Lifters and 2x SUPs on a single lifter. I never believed that I could store these items in my limited garage space. Best of all, I don't need to risk my body and health to get the toys up and down. I would share photos if the review allowed.

great for older people

It is a very convenient tool for people who should not climb ladders and try to store items.

Perfect for coolers and hunting gear!

Great garage lift system!

Easily installed and adjusted to carry car top cartier

You get what you pay for!!!

It was hard to find a unit that could lift very heavy EBikes. One is 82lbs the other 65lbs. A little expensive, but you get what to pay for! Precision made, simple installation, easy to program great support. The unit was missing some pieces from the start which was a little frustrating. I sent a email to support and they responded within a hour. Once we established what was missing they mailed it out as quickly as possible. Overall a great system. Another note is added security. You couldn't get them down if you don't have app and connection...LOL

Faultless IMO

Well made, detailed instructions on paper and video, operated as described, and programmable app.

Awesome product!

I love this! Before I had a manual rope type system and was a night mare. Now even more girlfriend can get her bike down

An E-bike Essential Accessory

After my wifes knee surgery we purchased an e-bike. Previously we pretty easily hung our bikes from the garage ceiling but with the e-bikes extra weight this was now a problem. The single bike lifter solved the problem 100% and now my wife can ride whenever she wants and isnt dependent in my being home to get the bike down.

We are so pleased we bought a second lifter for the beefy bike rack that becomes necessary when transporting an e-bike. In the off-season the 50+# rack is also up and out of the way.