About us

Hello!  Welcome to Ace Garage Storage where we help customers take back their garage, store away items, and reclaim their space.

My name is Eric and I’m the owner of Ace Garage Storage. For years my garage was a mess with no rhyme or reason for where I put things. As long as I had room for my car I was satisfied. However, life happened. We bought bikes for the kids, a small generator for emergencies, a lawnmower for the yard, and a bunch of other items. Needless to say, my garage became a disorganized disaster and my wife had had enough. I began to research options for reorganizing my garage and went down the rabbit hole of researching the best products from the best manufacturers. As I became an expert in garage storage solutions, I realized it would be great to have the best products in one place and share my knowledge with others. This realization led me to establish Ace Garage Storage.

As a family-owned online retailer based in Houston, TX, we offer:

  • A large selection of quality products from top brands. From motorized storage lift systems to wall storage, racks, workbenches and more, we have all you need to reclaim your garage. 
  • Unbeatable prices. By operating exclusively online without the overhead of a traditional brick and mortar retail store, we pass on the savings to you. Our commitment to low prices is backed by our price match guarantee. We also offer free shipping to the contiguous 48 states.
  • Customer Service. Your satisfaction is our top priority. With decades of experience, our knowledgeable expert team is here to assist you in finding the perfect garage storage solution to meet your needs. All purchases are backed by our no-hassle return policy.

Contact us today and let us help you take back your garage, store away items and reclaim your space. 

-The Ace Garage Storage Family