Exploring the Garage Smart Platform Lifter for Ultimate Convenience

Exploring the Garage Smart Platform Lifter for Ultimate Convenience

There are different kinds of storage systems you can use to organize your garage. You can use your ceiling or overhead space if you lack floor and wall space. One of the best overhead storage solutions in the market is the Garage Smart Platform Lifter. 

Learn the general benefits of storage lifts when it comes to garage storage. Find out why the Smart Platform Lifter is one of your best options in the market. Discover what features it offers that would make organizing and storing your garage items easier and more effective. 


Benefits of Using Storage Lifts in the Garage

Although there are other overhead storage options, like an overhead rack, an overhead lift is the best type to use. Here are the main reasons why: 

Easier Installation

Although locating the joists in the garage ceiling can be generally heard, a lift is easier to install once you’ve found the joists. Most garage overhead lifters come with a step-by-step instruction manual on how to install them without professional help. You can DIY the process with just one other person, some hand and power tools, and a ladder. 

Optimizes Space

The space on the ceiling is often left unused when it comes to organizing the garage. But, using overhead lifts can change this. They come in different heights, so they’re easy to use on different heights of ceilings. 

Ensures Safety

With a clutter-free garage, especially the floor, it would be a safer place for everyone who uses it. Proper storage like the lift holds items that can otherwise cause injuries when left unorganized somewhere on the floor. Moreover, unlike racks that you’d relatively need a ladder or some steps to reach, you don’t need to climb anything when using a lift. 

Saves Money

Investing in a garage lift system would help you save costs for new and more storage systems. Most of them also have durable constructions and materials to use for a long time. 


Why Choose the Garage Smart Platform Lifter for Storage?

The Smart Platform Lifter is one of the best garage lift systems in the market. Here are the benefits and features it offers:

Comes in a Variety of Size and Weight Capacity 

This smart platform lifter comes in three different sizes with different lifting capacities. These include: 

  • 4’ x 4’ with a capacity of 365 lbs
  • 4’ x 6’ with a capacity of 340 lbs
  • 4’ x 8’ with a capacity of 325 lbs

Although all of these models’ overall capacity is 400 lbs, that limit includes the weight of the platform itself. Depending on how many items you plan to store overhead, you can choose from the three. This is because the more items, the heavier they’d be. 

Uses Cutting-Edge Technology

The lifting mechanism of the lift can be fully controlled through a mobile app. This allows wireless operation through your iOS or Android device, making it easier to use with little to no effort. 

You can use this app to control the lift’s speed, set automatic “smart” high and low stopping points, and monitor the weight it’s holding. It even notifies you when you’re reaching the weight limit of your chosen model. 

Easy to Install and Use

The platform is made of lightweight components, making it easy to lift and hold during installation. For the tools, you’d only need to prepare and use some wrenches, a stud finder for locating the joists, a screwdriver, measuring tape, and a power drill. For DIY installation instructions, you can refer to this manual

In terms of usage, you can easily control its height or lower it with just a click on your phone. You don’t have to touch anything on the platform to enjoy an effortless lifting and lowering experience. 

Durable Construction

The platform is made with a combination of sturdy steel and painted plywood, making it durable enough to hold all sorts of items. It also features overload protection through the app to ensure your and your things’ safety—it prevents excess weight lifting. 


This lift is ideal for almost all ceiling heights. Specifically, it’s designed for ceilings with heights between 8 to 16 feet. Depending on the model, its hoist cable length can extend up to 11 feet from the ceiling, so you don’t have to worry about climbing up anything to load your items. It’s also useful in lowering heavy items into your truck bed. 

Comes With the Full Set

You don’t have to worry about buying other components with this lift. Its package comes with all of the necessary components, including:

  • 4x MyLifter Motors
  • 4x Power Adapters
  • 4x 30" Smart Track
  • Platform
  • 4x Carabiner
  • 4x 3' DC Cable
  • Hardware kit


Tips on Proper Usage of Garage Storage Lift

Like all storage systems, you need to know how to use your platform lift properly to maximize its features and use it for a long time. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Store your items in either boxes or plastic totes before placing them on the lift. This is to avoid damaging and dirtying them. 
  • Consider storing seasonal items or rarely used items so you don’t have to lower and lift the platform frequently. 
  • Add labels to your totes or boxes to make it easier to find things. 
  • Make sure to distribute the weight of the items on the platform. 
  • Put heavier items in the center of the platform for balance.
  • Clean the lift regularly to avoid dust or grime from accumulating and damaging it. 
  • Familiarize yourself with the emergency procedures outlined in the user manual. Know how to manually operate the lift in case of power outages or malfunctions.



Overhead lifts are some of the best and most convenient storage systems to use in the garage. Like the Garage Smart Platform Lifter, these storage solutions offer a lot of benefits and features that can make garage organization easier. Depending on your space, you can choose from its three models. 

You can visit our garage storage lift collection to check each model and reviews from other users. We also offer other storage options you can use together with the smart lift for all your storage needs in the garage.