Garage Organization InstalIation

Expert Advice & Methods for Garage Organization Installation

Garage storage systems, or garage organization systems, are the best options to organize and maximize your garage space. A chaotic and messy garage is the ultimate nightmare, especially if you need things immediately and can’t find them in the clutter. However, having a garage storage system isn’t enough. You need to be able to install it properly and make it work. 

To help you with that, we’ve compiled all essential expert advice, methods, and tips for garage organization installation. This way, you can install your preferred garage system properly while making sure your garage space is used efficiently. 


Quick Overview: Different Types of Garage Storage Systems

You have three options for your garage organization system: 

  • Wall-Mounted Systems: These are storage systems that use the garage wall as a storage space for your things. It’s a good option especially if you don’t have a lot of floor space to work with. Also, one of the most commonly used systems under this is a slatwall. 

  • Cabinets and Shelving Units: If you have a lot of space in your garage, you can opt for storage cabinets and shelving units. These are good options for your garage if you have items you want to hide from view. You can get these systems in different materials like metal, plastic, and wood. 

  • Overhead Racks: If you really want to maximize the space, don’t overlook the overhead space you have. These storage racks are attached to the ceiling, freeing up floor and wall space so you can also add more storage systems in place. They’re also usually made of heavy-duty and durable materials to ensure that they can support the weight of your items. 



Effective Tips for Garage Organization Installation

Aside from ensuring that your chosen storage solution is relatively easy to install, you need expert tips on how to do it properly. For that reason, here are the best tips and methods you can follow to make sure your garage organization system is installed correctly: 

Always Sort Your Things First

The first thing you must do before actually installing the storage system is to make sure your stuff’s sorted out. Make an inventory of all the things in your garage and categorize them by their value. 

This means label them in your list based on whether you’ll be keeping them in the garage once a storage is installed or if you’re throwing them away, selling or donating them, or would be placing them in a different location. Here’s an example of what your categorized list could look like: 

  • Keep (Short-term Storage)

  • Keep (Long-term Storage)

  • For Selling

  • To Donate

  • To Discard

  • Other/Different Room

Once you’ve identified and finalized which things you’d keep in the garage, group them based on their functionality or purpose. This would make organizing the items easier. For example, let’s say you have these items for the “Keep” lists: 

  • Basketball

  • Golf club

  • Screwdriver

  • Lawnmower

  • Hammer

  • Christmas decorations

  • Baseball bat

  • Cleaning supplies

    Group items that belong together. For instance, place all sports-related items into one group. Make sure to place tools in one group as well. Of course, cleaning supplies have their own group as well. This way, it’d be easier for you to find tools, sports equipment, cleaning supplies, etc. in one place. 

    Measure Your Space and Choose the Right Storage System Size

    This is another pre-installation tip that would help make sure the installation will go well. Measure everything: the length, width, and height. Make sure to consider and take note of any obstacles that might come in contact with the storage system as well, like the garage door openers or the lights. 

    Once you’ve measured the space, it’d be easier for you to choose the right size of storage system/s you’ll install. Not only that, remember to consider your needs, like what kinds of items you would be storing. Long items? Big items? Small items? 

    Make Sure You Have All the Necessary Tools

    For a smooth and safe installation process, you have to make sure you’ve gathered all the necessary tools. These include a ladder, drill, and bits, measuring tape, screwdriver, and many more. But, some products might also come with the necessary hardware you’ll need for installation. 

    Aside from the tools, make sure you have and use proper safety gear and equipment. This would help you protect yourself from any serious injuries that may occur during the installation process. 

    Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions

    You having the experience and tools to install other furniture or shelving units doesn’t guarantee proper installation. The manufacturer’s manual is there for a reason. Use it and strictly follow the instructions there. 

    It’s best to not try to freestyle your way since it can lead to drastic results like injuries or damage to the storage systems. Moreover, these instructions are made by the manufacturer themself so they know what they’re talking about. 

    Don’t Over Tighten Screws

    Although it’s best to make sure, you don’t always have to over-tighten things too much. Tightening screws and making sure they’re properly screwed to the storage system and wall or ceiling are important. However, make sure not to over-tighten them since this can damage your garage organization system and your walls or ceiling. 

    Ask For Help

    Garage storage system installation is a daunting task, especially if you’re not used to such activity or to using power and hand tools. That’s why we recommend you ask for help from another capable family member or friend. This would make the process more efficient, faster, and safer. 

    But, if you’re really not confident or comfortable doing things by yourself, you can always ask for help from storage installation professionals. These are people who are skilled and experienced enough in installing different types of garage storage systems. With their help, you can expect a smooth and efficient installation process. They can even offer you more actual tips on how to further organize or maintain your storage units. 



    Garage organization installation is a relatively long process but you have to make sure you’re doing it correctly. This way, you can organize your things and maximize your garage space better. Again, here are the tips you can follow: 

    • Sort out your things first 
    • Measure your garage space and choose the right storage unit size
    • Gather all necessary tools and equipment
    • Follow the instructions from the manufacturer’s manual
    • Avoid over-tightening screws
    • Don’t be scared to ask for help

    With that, you can install and use your storage system in no time. If you’re looking for storage system options, you can check out our massive high-quality storage system collection. We offer all kinds of systems you can add to your garage!