SafeRacks Garage Shelving

SafeRacks Garage Shelving for Organizing Tools in Your Space

Many garages are cluttered with tools and items scattered on the floor, leading to mess and sometimes even broken things. A crowded garage makes it hard to find what you need and can be a safety hazard. An overhead storage rack can solve this by keeping heavy and bulky items off the floor. It’s a smart way to use the spaces above.

This article explains why choosing the right overhead storage rack is important for a well-organized garage. Continue reading to learn more about SafeRacks Garage Shelving and which rack suits your garage needs.


Why Choose SafeRacks Garage Shelving

SafeRacks Garage Shelving is an excellent choice for organizing a garage. It’s the solution that mounts to the ceiling of your garage. They don't rust, so they're good in different places, even when wet.

SafeRacks maximizes the spaces in the garage, not only on the floor. This gives more room for other things and is available for overhead cabinets. The shelves are adjustable and can be raised or lowered. This helps store different things, like tools, sports, or decorations.

SafeRacks can hold many different items, both big and small. The shelves are open, so it's easy to see and reach everything. This helps in finding things fast. SafeRacks makes garages cleaner and gives more space to move around. 


Features of SafeRacks Garage Shelving

Size and Capacity

The shelving measures 18 inches deep, 36 inches wide, and 72 inches tall. It has five shelves, each able to hold 500 pounds. This implies that the entire unit can support a weight of up to 2000 pounds when distributed.

Easy Assembly

It uses a system without bolts in its design. This means you can put it together without any tools or extra hardware. It's quick and simple.

Shelf Surface Materials

The shelves of SafeRacks are great for heavy items. Every shelf also has a 1/4 inch MDF deck board, perfect for holding different things.

Adjustable Shelves

You can change the height of the shelves to fit different things. This makes the shelving very flexible for extra storage needs.

Two Ways to Use

You can set it up as one tall 72-inch unit or two shorter 36-inch units. This gives you options depending on the space needed.

Finish Options

The shelving comes with an industrial-quality powder coat finish. It's available in two premium powder-coated finishes. This adds to its look and durability.


SafeRacks offers a lifetime warranty, subject to specific conditions. This warranty ensures long-term protection. It also instills customer confidence in the product's durability and performance.

Indoor Use Recommended

The MDF boards are best used indoors. In wet places or outside, they might warp or get moldy. A water-resistant sealant on the MDF boards is a good idea if you need to use outdoor shelving. It’s best to consider a wire deck as an alternative.


Benefits of Using SafeRacks Garage Shelving

SafeRacks overhead garage storage has many benefits:

  1. More Room for Other Things: It clears up the area in the garage. This means more room for parking cars, doing hobbies, starting a home business, or making a pet area.
  2. Safer Space: It's safer than having things on the floor. Many accidents happen in garages in the U.S. because of clutter.
  3. Saves Money: It costs less than paying for outside storage.
  4. Keeps Things Tidy: It helps organize things that make the garage messy. This can also reduce fire risks.
  5. Keeps Items Away from Kids and Pets: It puts things where children and pets can't reach them.
  6. Lots of Storage: It gives more storage than other shelves. For example, one 8' x 4' rack from SafeRacks, set 46” from the ceiling, offers almost 128 cubic feet of storage. That's more than a big closet.
  7. Quick to Install: it can set it up in about 1 hour for each rack.
  8. Strong and Safe: Made of 14-gauge industrial-grade steel that keeps items safely stored above.

A review on Frugal Average Bicyclist shows that customers find the SafeRacks wall shelf from Costco sturdy and useful, especially for storing bikes. Home Depot customers mention that SafeRacks shelves are strong, can be used for different things, and are not hard to assemble​. Also, a review on Organyzedu talks about the SafeRacks overhead storage rack being tough, holding a lot of stuff, and great for making more space in the garage. Overall, these reviews show that SafeRacks are a popular choice for organizing stuff in garages.


How to Install SafeRacks Garage Shelving

Here's a simple guide on how to put together your SafeRacks shelving unit and some key things to keep in mind during installation:

Step 1: Check Your Parts

First, make sure you have all the parts. This shelving comes in three boxes. Look at the list of parts and check if you have everything. If something needs to be added, contact SafeRacks support.

Step 2: Setting Up the Vertical Posts

Take two of the tall posts and lay them down. The part with holes should face the ground. Now, put the 2-foot-long beams into these holes at the heights you want for your shelves. Do this again so that the two shelving parts look the same.

Step 3: Adding the Long Beams

Next, get the 8-foot-long beams. Put them at the same levels as you did in Step 2. Make sure all the little metal parts fit well into the holes. This is important for safety.

Step 4: Center Supports

Use two screws and two wingnuts to attach the middle supports between the long beams. You'll need a screwdriver for this. Make sure they're tight.

Step 5: Placing the Wire Decking

Now, put the wire shelves on. The side with more wires should face up. Make sure the shelves fit perfectly inside the frame.

Step 6: Securing the Wire Decking

At the middle of each shelf, where two wire pieces meet, use a bracket to hold them together. Use screws and wingnuts for this, and tighten with a screwdriver.

Important Installation Considerations:

  • Location: Think about how low the rack will hang from the ceiling.
  • Objects Nearby: Be careful of garage doors, lights, or anything else touching the rack.
  • Ceiling Support: Use a tool to find where the supports in your ceiling are. This helps you know where to put the rack.



The article has explored various overhead garage storage racks. It focuses on their ability to support heavy weights and various items. It has highlighted the importance of choosing racks based on their durability, size, and ease of installation. This approach helps tackle the common problem of garage clutter.

Explore our collection of SafeRacks Garage Shelving to find the perfect fit for your garage. Start organizing today!