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Transform Your Garage with These Genius Wall Storage Ideas

The garage offers a lot of space for storage, which can be pretty hard to see if it’s cluttered and messy with all your belongings. Using a garage storage system is the best option if you’re looking for a way to organize your garage and free up space inside. You can try the popular garage wall storage system! 

This article briefly discusses what these storage systems are to assist you in distinguishing them from other garage storage systems. In addition, listed below are some of the most effective wall storage ideas you should consider implementing to transform your garages and optimize your space.


What Are Garage Wall Storage Systems? 

One effective way to maximize your garage’s potential is by clearing up floor space and utilizing wall-mounted storage solutions. Garage wall storage systems are practical solutions designed to take advantage of your garage's often-neglected vertical wall space. These systems are a go-to choice for many individuals, especially those with limited garage floor space.

These storage systems come in different forms: pegboards, slatwalls, anchored hangers and hooks, and wall-mounted shelves or track systems. Among these, slatwall is the most popular and versatile type in the garage.

Here are a few reasons why it’s a good idea to store your items on the wall: 

  • It’s easier to find and access the items when on the wall. 
  • Your belongings are less prone to damage from rusting and vehicles. 
  • You can eliminate or minimize tripping hazards and floor clutter in the garage.


7 Wall Storage Ideas to Transform Your Garage Space

Using the garage wall space is a straightforward and efficient way to store your items and keep the space organized. Here are some of the best ideas you can try to utilize your wall space and transform your garage: 

1. Use Heavy-Duty Hooks

Use Heavy-Duty Hooks

Wall hooks offer easy access to your things. They’re the perfect tools to get large and odd-shaped items off the ground, such as bikes, cords, brooms, and yard tools. But go for heavy-duty hooks to ensure the hooks can hold and support light to heavy items. These hooks can hold up to 265 lb items, like extra chairs and heavy garden supplies. 

2. Install a Slatwall

Install a Slatwall

A slatwall is a storage system with various accessories that you can use to hold and store all kinds of items. It’s one of the most popular wall storage systems and comes with bins, hooks, racks, hangers, and baskets that can hold everything, from cleaning suppliers to sports equipment. It has rows of horizontal slats that you can configure to your storage needs. 

For instance, you can add a hanging bag to the wall for ball storage. Or you can add a rack for your baseball bats or golf clubs. You can even add hangers or hooks to store your bicycle.

Aside from the limitless storage options you can get by using a slatwall, it can be an aesthetic addition to your garage since it has a clean, finished look. 

3. Make It Kid-Friendly

Make It Kid-Friendly

It’s recommended that you make kid-friendly levels of storage in the garage. This encourages them to be more independent and learn about caring for their own things. With kid-friendly wall storage, they can easily access their stuff. 

If you don’t have kids but have family members in the house who have mobility issues or are lacking in height, consider adjusting the size when planning the wall storage. 

4. Use Color Coding for Sections

Use Color Coding for Sections

Organizing doesn’t stop at just putting everything in tidy containers or bins. It also means making them easy to find and access. Use color codes to keep different types of storage for additional items organized. Once you’ve assigned sections for the different types of items you have, set colors for each section. This would make remembering where to find items from the start easier. 

For instance, you could assign a green section to store all the necessary gardening supplies. You can put all the cleaning supplies in the blue section, and the sports equipment section could be yellow. If you have chemicals and other dangerous tools in one section, you can assign the color red like a stop sign. This would make it easier to teach your kids to stay away from the items. 

The colors you assign to certain items entirely depend on you. Make sure to brainstorm and finalize everything and let everybody in the family know. 

5. Magnetize!


If you have a slatwall, make it more useful by using magnets. You can add a simple magnet strip on one slat or a bracketed strip to move it around the slatwall. Magnets are extremely underestimated when it comes to organizing. But with the magnet strip, you can store any small metal items like knives, wrenches, and more. 

But remember this: to ensure that the magnets can hold the weight of the items you’ll use them for, look for stronger ones. 

6. Use Expandable Shelves

Use Expandable Shelves

If you want to use shelves but don’t want freestanding ones that would use floor space, use modular wall-mounted shelves instead. Modular means that the shelves are customizable to fit into any space and are suitable for all your storage needs. 

With these shelves, you still use your free wall space to keep items off the ground. You can use them to store seasonal items, decor, toolboxes, and even chemicals so your kids can’t easily reach them. 

7. Add Lights

Add Lights

Most of the time, the lighting inside the garage isn’t enough to look deep into some storage units, like bins and containers. You may also have a hard time reading labels and finding your things. To prevent this, it’s best to install lights around your wall storage systems. 

For flexibility, you can use stick-on lights that use batteries and can be attached or placed anywhere. Since they run on batteries, you can still use them to find things in the garage, even if there’s a power outage. 



Although the garage has a lot of space, it can easily get filled up and decluttered with all your stuff at home. Fortunately, there are other spaces you can utilize, like your garage’s wall space. You can use all kinds of wall storage systems, but you can follow creative wall storage ideas to help you transform your garage better! 

Try out some of the best ideas using the best wall storage options and tricks. For storage units, you can check out our wall storage collection. From slatwall to shelves, we have quality solutions for your storage needs.